Shared Art Activities

TNSM Art teacher, Robin Hartmann, wanted to share some art projects she received from another art teacher. There are plenty of activities to keep a person busy.   Click here for a pdf with links to lots of helpful activities.    

Beth Canarie’s Backyard Wildlife Hunt

The New School’s Food and Sustainability Teacher, Beth Canarie, has invited all of us to go on a special wildlife hunt. It may surprise you to know how many creatures are in your very own backyard. Many of them are small, so you’ll need to take a very close look. When you walk outside in your backyard today, look carefully between the leaves or grass or between rocks and bricks. Also take a long look at the trees and bushes. What animals do you notice? See it you can find some of these wildlife critters: spider dragonfly ant butterfly caterpillar …

How to Create an Indoor Herb Garden

Here is a great activity suggestion from TNSM’s Food and Sustainability Teacher, Beth Canarie. Not only are herbs fun to plant, nurture and watch grow, but they are also a yummy addition to almost any meal or salad! To make a garden of herbs inside your home, this is what you will need: Several pots with drainage holes A saucer to place under the pots Potting Mix Parsley seeds, fennel seeds, basil seeds, or whatever herb seeds you might like to grow. Fill your pot with soil, leaving room at the top. Take your seeds and sprinkle them across the …

Open House – April 26

We’re excited about our upcoming open house on Sunday, April 26 from 2-4 p.m. Children are encouraged to explore the Montessori materials in the classroom, to tour the building with you and to meet with parents and staff. We hope to see you there! We also encourage you to schedule a personal tour where you may observe classes in session, join us for lunch and meet our staff. For more information or to arrange a personal tour, please contact our Admissions Director, Ceara Comstock 
513-281-7999 We invite you and your child to experience a truly joyous and nurturing environment at …

Photos from our community: Working from home

These are some of this week’s photos sent by our Montessori community who are working throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area in their home environments. Keep up the good work, families! You will see: nests created from a nature-walk assignment, cooking at home, working with siblings, practicing using money and even proof of a new lost tooth!

A first lesson in shoe tying

Ann Baumgardner teaches the first element of learning to tie shoes: the “criss-cross double ross.” Coming soon will be lesson 2 and then even a 3rd lesson where you’ll learn a trick to keep round and leather laces tied all day – and it’s not a double knot! Stay tuned.

Teacher Beth Canarie gives some ideas of outdoor spring activities

Hello, what better way to celebrate spring than to take a walk in your yard or a park, practicing social distancing. Begin by noticing the changes in the color of the grass. Notice the beautiful buds appearing on the trees.  Some are white, pink, green and yellow. Notice the bulbs sprouting in the gardens. What flowers do you see? Notice the curly worms are starting to show themselves. Smell the fresh air. What colors do you see in the sky? If there is a puddle of water like in my backyard – go jump in it! The birds are singing …

TNSM’s COVID-19 Response

This Director’s Update is intended to change periodically and grow as we learn more about what we can do to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and as we share more videos, lessons from teachers and updates from our community. PLEASE CLICK HERE to be directed to the google doc where we keep adding new information We have a clickable table of contents so you can easily see what’s new and what things you want to learn more about.