Montessori- Creating the New Education

As educators, the need to always further our own education is unquestionably important.  In doing so, I have recently had the pleasure of reading Brazilian educator Paulo Freire’s Pedogogy of the Oppressed.  In it, Freire outlines his ideas and plans for mending disconnections that exist between traditional models of education and those students/people who are oppressed and marginalized by such models.  In simple terms, he discounts the “Banking System” of education where generally speaking, educators are tasked with pouring the information they know into the minds of the students sitting in front of them. To his point, I am pleased …

Up a Tree Community Party

What fun we all had at this auction community party with EarthJoy Tree Adventures! It was tough to lure the children out of the trees, but eventually their hunger drew them to the wonderful picnic lunch spread out under the canopy. [fbphotos id=508798162539393]

OTR Community Party

Jen and Chad Garrett hosted a fabulous Over-the-Rhine party this past weekend. TNSM alumni parent Casey Coston led us on a tour of OTR and joined us with his son Nigel as we all devoured exotic pizza’s from A Tovola’s and cooled off with another OTR favorite of street pops. [fbphotos id=506369739448902]

Row, Row, Row Your Canoe

Every year our TNSM families donate community parties as a way for us to get to know one another better while at the same time raising important funds for the school. This year a family canoeing party was offered. It looks like they had a wonderful day and I don’t see any tipped canoes, so I hope they all managed to stay dry. [fbphotos id=505598746192668]

The Steam Cannon Experiment

The 6th graders learned about the power of steam when they created a steam cannon this week. Join in the excitement as you watch them waiting for the steam in the test tube to build to the point where it launched the rubber stopper into the lawn.  

In the Preprimary Environment (by Beth Tracy-Kaliski)

When people observe in the classroom, one of the first thing they notice is the way teachers and children interact with each other. Teachers keep themselves low to the ground; they get down to talk to children, and respect the same ground rules they expect the children to follow, including keeping their voices low. With everyone in the classroom talking softly, it allows children to keep their attention on their work instead of on the adults. It minimizes a hierarchical structure and helps the children know that this is their environment where they can continue working without being interrupted. It …

in the news old

Soapbox – The New School Montessori opens new Enrichment Center, expands programming (Tuesday, August 27, 2013) Fox 19 – The New School Montessori celebrating dedication of Enrichment Center (Friday, August 16, 2013) Fox 19 – Montessori students collect relief supplies for hurricane victims (November 8, 2012)

Why the Arts Matter

There used to be a story that went like this:  You go to school, you go to college, you get a job, and you remain at that job for the next 30 years and then retire.  It was a linear story, it moved in one direction.  That story no longer exists. Life is not linear. It is organic and unpredictable. Now more than ever. Here are facts that drive this point home: It is estimated that today’s students will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 38. 1 out of 4 workers today is working for a company they have …

See what students are doing in the Annex

The Annex students are using Montessori materials to learn fractions and more. The 6th graders are busy preparing for their Washington D.C. trip. [fbphotos id=503809243038285]

What at treat to see children enjoying their work!

Preprimary Orientation is Thursday, Sept 12 from 6:30 – 8:00. Parents of preprimary students will want to be sure to attend to find out more about the educational plans for their child. Childcare is provided for children of TNSM age.   [fbphotos id=503273033091906]