Bringing dance, singing games and storytelling to music class

Music teacher Andrea Rosenthal Warnken recently attended a workshop given by the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association. The guest clinicians were Peter and Mary Amidon who focused on traditional community dances and singing games. They also shared how storytelling and folktales can augment the music curriculum. Andrea immediately put some of these activities into her lesson plans. Ask your younger students about their experience in music class with sleeping bunnies and riding ponies. Older students have enjoyed Irish community dances. In the video below, 5th grade students practiced using Orff instruments combined with moments of singing. The …

Dem Bones – Anatomy and Music

In the Montessori curriculum, the nine-year cycle involves a spiraling curriculum. This means that each year, concepts are introduced and revisited throughout the students’ studies with new depth. The nine-year cycle builds on what children already know and naturally challenges them to continue asking more detailed questions. In life sciences, this begins in the 3-6 classroom with children classifying what they see as living and non-living. Their learning continues each year in greater detailed exploration of biomes and the five kingdoms and culminates with the sixth grade study of human biology. In October, our seniors continue one of the longest …

Camping at Robby’s – Community Auction Party

Last weekend was one of several community camping parties teacher Robby Lewis offered as part of our annual auction fundraiser. Thanks to photographers Jen Garrett and Ellen Monson for sharing highlights from their adventure – and to Robby for hosting! [fbphotos id=523121487773727]

Lunch Is Served

Like other school days, I had the pleasure of spending lunch with the 3-, 4-, and 5-year olds. What a joy.  It is truly a remarkable thing to see. Since our beginning, TNSM has always prided itself on providing healthy, nutritious foods to the children and staff daily in order to feed the body.  What most people don’t know however, is that the food we prepare serves a much greater purpose than just necessary sustenance. Our food provides opportunity.  While sharing the community plate, children and staff grow, they strengthen their relationships, they laugh together, they enjoy one another’s company, …

Pulse of the Playground

Most Fridays we post a video of TNSM children’s reactions to a question. This week, the “Pulse of the Playground” centers around what children want to do when they grow up. Click the play button or this link to hear what they had to say. [gravityform id=”3″ name=”annual_giving_donation_form” title=”false” ajax=”true”]

Elementary Field Trip to NKU

What fun TNSM students had as they uncovered some of the secrets of science on their field trip to NKU’s Chem. Lab, Planetarium and Natural Science Center. Great photos Tracy Clancy! Thanks for sharing those.   [fbphotos id=519285431490666]

Kindergartners Visited Green Acres in Indian Hill

Kindergartners at The New School Montessori learned about many aspects of gardening at their most recent visit to Green Acres. There were opportunities to harvest vegetables, to explore different kinds of seeds, to plant, to compost and to taste and smell different herbs. Many thanks to TNSM parent Eric Brouwer for sharing his photos from the field trip. [fbphotos id=519059404846602]  

TNSM Spiritwear

TNSM has new spirit wear to match our new school logo. If you’re interested in ordering something, you may check out the colors and sizes of t-shirts in the Mansion Lobby. Printed forms are also on the chair in front of the t-shirt display. T-shirts and sweatshirts (even those submitted at Harvest Moon) will be ordered Oct 25. They will be placed on your child’s coat hook during the week of Nov 11. Water bottles and magnets will be hung in a bag from your child’s coat hook this and next week. Contact Ryonen Ignatius with questions.  

Debbie Weinstein Leads Montessori Art Workshop

Debbie Weinstein led an art workshop for Montessori teachers in South Bend, Indiana – with Jennifer Frank assisting. They taught ways teachers in our preprimary program use Montessori methods to share art with preschoolers. Some of the information they shared includes: