The Steam Cannon Experiment

The 6th graders learned about the power of steam when they created a steam cannon this week. Join in the excitement as you watch them waiting for the steam in the test tube to build to the point where it launched the rubber stopper into the lawn.  

In the Preprimary Environment (by Beth Tracy-Kaliski)

When people observe in the classroom, one of the first thing they notice is the way teachers and children interact with each other. Teachers keep themselves low to the ground; they get down to talk to children, and respect the same ground rules they expect the children to follow, including keeping their voices low. With everyone in the classroom talking softly, it allows children to keep their attention on their work instead of on the adults. It minimizes a hierarchical structure and helps the children know that this is their environment where they can continue working without being interrupted. It …

in the news old

Soapbox – The New School Montessori opens new Enrichment Center, expands programming (Tuesday, August 27, 2013) Fox 19 – The New School Montessori celebrating dedication of Enrichment Center (Friday, August 16, 2013) Fox 19 – Montessori students collect relief supplies for hurricane victims (November 8, 2012)

Why the Arts Matter

There used to be a story that went like this:  You go to school, you go to college, you get a job, and you remain at that job for the next 30 years and then retire.  It was a linear story, it moved in one direction.  That story no longer exists. Life is not linear. It is organic and unpredictable. Now more than ever. Here are facts that drive this point home: It is estimated that today’s students will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 38. 1 out of 4 workers today is working for a company they have …

See what students are doing in the Annex

The Annex students are using Montessori materials to learn fractions and more. The 6th graders are busy preparing for their Washington D.C. trip. [fbphotos id=503809243038285]

What at treat to see children enjoying their work!

Preprimary Orientation is Thursday, Sept 12 from 6:30 – 8:00. Parents of preprimary students will want to be sure to attend to find out more about the educational plans for their child. Childcare is provided for children of TNSM age.   [fbphotos id=503273033091906]

6-9 students choosing the road of peace + math + timeline of life

Students in (6-9) learn about traveling the Road of Peace. Teacher Kira Hinkle shared a famous story of Black Elk and his “Medicine Wheel Vision of Peace” with the classroom. The children learned to identify the two roads Black Elk described from his vision; the Road of Peace and the Road of Difficulties. They gave examples from their own lives of when they’d found themselves on similar roads. The class discussed how it feels to be angry, frustrated or scared on the Road of Difficulties and how they could help themselves and each other to return to the Road of …

Welcoming New Staff to TNSM

We’d like to introduce and welcome (6-9) teacher Kira Hinkle to The New School Montessori community. Kira has a Bachelors degree in 6-9 Montessori education from Xavier University. She completed an internship at TNSM in 2010 (in Rosie’s Room) and worked as Community Service Coordinator at St. Ursuline for two years before joining us this fall. Kira has been a member of the AMS Executive Peace Committee since 2010 and appreciates the importance TNSM places on peace education in the classroom. Kira and her partner Al married in April of 2013 in NYC and enjoy gardening and making homemade ice cream with …

Tasting New Food at Jungle Jim’s

The elementary summer students visited Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield with $5 in their pockets to purchase whatever they wanted. It was great for the children to budget their money, make choices and pay for it themselves. When they unloaded their groceries back at school, they had a wonderful time sampling many foods from around the world. See what the kids had to say about their trip to Jungle Jim’s: There was a really funny “cereal band” on top of the seafood boat, and there were live lobsters and fish! ~ Niko Right when we walked in I thought, “This might …

What staff has been up to over the summer.

Administrative Team: Eric Dustman trekked across the United States with 6 children and Philip Theodosopolous in an RV. They had a great time showing the children the expansive midwest as they stopped here and there to see exciting sights along the way. Their last stop delivered the Theodosopolous family to their new home in San Francisco. Jeff Groh hiked part of the Appalachian Trail with his friend for a few days and vacationed with his wife and son for a relaxing week of naps, diaper changes and lovely hikes by the lake. Beth Barton vacationed at Niagara on the Lake in Ontario …