Sharing the Vision

Welcome to Montessori at The New School. I’m the Director, Eric Dustman.

You’ll find that I’m passionate about the school, encouraged by the education we provide young children and over-the-top excited about everyone who calls this school their community. It truly is a unique and joyful place.

I intend to use this blog to share many wonderful things about our school and to provide all who read it and make it their regular go-to place, thought-provoking ideas and information. I’m hopeful it creates opportunities for everyone to engage in conversation about child development, nutrition, play and education, among what I anticipate will be many others.

So, enjoy what I have to share and please share too. Encourage your friends, ones with children at The New School and ones without, to join the conversation and allow my authorship to be a catalyst from which we can all engage and learn together.

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