New School Montessori Students Take Off into Outer Space

Both our online “sky” classes and our in-person classes of 1st-3rd graders are learning about the “Big Bang” and Earth’s place in our solar system. Students are using colorful pastel crayons and colored pencils on black paper to depict in image and in words what the scene may have looked like at the dawning of our Universe. Video maker, Mary Ohlingher-Pray, a longtime teacher at TNSM has supplemented the unit with heart-pumping, musically invigorating scores that accompany her video-telling of the intricacies of the Solar System and her tour through the Milky Way.

In the video below, teacher Jean Eschenbach leads a discussion with in-person students about the astroid belt between our inner and outer planets. Also notice the Solar System drawings from sky and in-person students.


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