Staff and Board

The New School Montessori is organized as a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Trustees. Board members are elected from among current parents; all parents and staff members are entitled to vote.  The Board hires the Director who in turn hires the administrative staff and faculty. The Director and the administrative team are in charge of the day-to-day operation of the school. The Board of Trustees is both a decision-making body and a working board. They approve the school’s annual budget, develop long and short-range plans, and work with the administration on projects such as capital campaigns and other fundraising and marketing work. 

The Director oversees TNSM’s educational program with all of the teaching staff reporting to him/her.Head Teachers have overall responsibility for each of the three program levels, Preprimary (3 to 6), Lower Elementary (6 to 9) and Upper Elementary (9 to 12). Each Head Teacher works with one or more teachers. Assistants are added to the staff, often with flexible hours. Students succeed with the support and encouragement of an individualized education.  Teacher student ratios average from 1:6 to 1:12 (preprimary) and from 1:10 to 1:15 (elementary).  Part-time Special Programs staff includes teachers for art, music, Spanish, appreciating differences, physical education, and dance for elementary students. A separate staff is also maintained for the Elementary Extended-Day Program. In its role as a resource for Montessori teacher training programs, TNSM often includes student interns among its teaching staff.

Oversight of the remaining non-educational operations, including finances, marketing, development and food service is held by the Director and the administrative team. The administration team includes our Assistant/Admissions Director, Kitchen Managers, Facilities Manager, Business Manager, Director of Communications/Office Manager and Office Assistant /Community Engagement /Auxiliary Clerk.