Montessori Stamp Game to practice all 4 math operations

The Stamp Game is a versatile Montessori work that can be used to practice all 4 math operations; multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. 

This 3rd grader (above) is using the Montessori Stamp Game to practice dynamic multiplication and uses the letters at the top of each column on the green felt game board to stand for: TH = thousands / H = Hundreds / T = Tens / U = Units. 

The 2 green game pieces to the student’s left, show the figure she is multiplying by. Each of the resulting 2 rows will contain the exact same number of tiles. 

Once the student has completed the setup, she first will count up the total number of units. If there are more than ten, she will exchange those ten units for one 10’s tile and will put that new tile into the tens column with the others.  Then she will count what remains of the units and will write it down on a piece of paper. She then moves on to count the tens, hundreds and thousands in the same manner.


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