Auction 2016 – Sharing fun, photos and videos from the evening

We are so grateful to The New School Montessori community for their enthusiasm and generosity toward TNSM.

Please enjoy the photos and videos from last year’s auction and save the date (March 18, 2017) for our next auction at Rhinegeist on Elm Street! 


Click this link to purchase tickets, sponsor a teacher or make a cash donation.


We had a great time at the Contemporary Arts Center this year.

  • Live music during the silent auction played by Midwestern Swing.
  • The Sleepy Bee Cafe prepared our appetizers and dinner.
  • Chase Public Short Order Poetry interviewed interested partygoers and wrote a unique poem for them while they waited.
  • Alumni parent Casey Coston served as DJ for after-auction dancing.

Community Parties
Community Parties at The New School Montessori are a longstanding tradition. It’s a fun way to fundraise and to get to know one another better. The process begins in late fall when parents and alumni families donate community parties as an auction gift. These parties are revealed on auction night where auction attendees have the first opportunity to sign up and donate their admission fee (for the party) to the school. Throughout the year, families can continue to sign up for parties.
Click to see a list of community parties with openings.

Want Knowledge, Want Wisdom, This Year…
Your TNSM staff has been meeting regularly to practice singing this song to introduce the Raise the Paddle theme for this year’s auction. It has subtitles so you can more easily hear the words.

If you’d like to contribute to the Staff Professional Development Fund, click here

Alumni described the impact of their teachers and TNSM experiences
TNSM parent volunteers Farrah and Keith Jackson created this inspiring slide show that was shown at the auction. In the background, different alumni share what The New School staff has meant to them and the effect these relationships have had on their lives.