Team-building exercises for (9-12) homerooms

TNSM (9-12) teacher Phil Swenson led team-building exercises for all three (9-12) homerooms.  The task for each group was to get to know each other better by working together to solve a problem. In the process, students listened to each others’ ideas, began with a few false starts and ultimately came together, learning from their mistakes and moving forward with a more evolved plan.

The goal: To construct a system of paper tunnels to carry a marble from one side of the room to the other where it would ultimately land in victory in a paper cup.

Students soon realized they needed to harness the power of gravity on the marble and adjusted the starting height accordingly. Tunnel transitions needed to be smooth to keep the marble from getting caught up on any bent paper where one tube connected with another.

The exercise was a huge success as each homeroom completed their mission and formed new friendships in the process.

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