This is the Place!

Forty-five years ago, a group of parents were searching for a place to create a school that encouraged alternative views and challenged students to consider, explore, and think deeply about themselves and the world around them. They found the Mitchell Mansion and knew, “This is the Place.”

From that time in 1970, parents and staff have worked together to protect and nourish those same values in the lives of children. Through long hours, generous donations and volunteerism, our founding community, and generations since, have promised to keep the doors open for families looking for a school that understands education is not, “the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Now it is our turn.

Each year, The New School Montessori relies on donations from families, staff, and alumni during our 3-week Annual Giving Campaign. The funds generated from Annual Giving go directly to offsetting tuition, facility upkeep, classroom programming, scholarship opportunities, and teacher salaries.

As an independent, non-profit school we have created a community that understands the importance of small class sizes, nutritious lunches, and relationships with our families and students that makes it clear we are not just educating the “whole child,” but rather, YOUR unique child.

Your gift not only promises to promote an educational experience worth preserving, it also honors those who have given in the past. Your experiences, and the opportunities provided for your children, are built on the strong foundation of 45 years of generous donors. Let us pay it forward.

Our Annual Giving Campaign goal is 100% participation from staff and parents. Each and every one of us can show, through gifts both large and small, that when it comes to a community that supports what are arguably the most important educational years in a person’s life, “This is the Place.”

If you’d like to make a donation, you may click this link to be connected to our website’s donation page.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the video below where parents, students and staff share why “This is the Place.”

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