Traveling through the Universe

New School Montessori students in our (6-9) program stretched across “TNSM’s blacktop universe,” holding up labeled planets. They worked to keep the same relative distance that exists in space as the distance between their neighbor. Notice the long visual pause as one travels from Saturn to Uranus.

Montessori methods are all about physically experiencing the world. Whether children use math manipulatives, conduct a science experiment, or learn to write by tracing sandpaper letters, these moments are remembered and internalized.

TNSM’s blacktop has been there as the backdrop for many important jaw-dropping moments of awareness. In addition to our solar system, the length of a Tyrannosaurus rex has been measured out and Maria Montessori’s Timeline of Life was rolled down the back driveway, showing just how tiny the span of human history is in the scope of Earth’s life.


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