No wonder you’re feeling under pressure – 14.7 pounds per square inch – to be exact

As part of their study of weather, students in 4th-6th grade learned that 14.7 pounds per square inch of air is pushing down on us from the top of our atmosphere to the Earth.
Tate helped demonstrate that air pressure is greater closer to the Earth. Even though the bottle is filled with water, it is the same concept and showed that the stream of water was more forceful at the bottom of the bottle than at the top.
Ava served as teacher Nancy Buchman’s helper to see if they could get those 14.7 pounds to push an egg into the flask. Students helped figure out that burning the oxygen in the flask would lower the air pressure inside the flask and let the greater outside air pressure push the egg inside. Now, how to get the egg back out? Ask a 4-6th grader to learn how they did it.

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