Videos at TNSM

We hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of our students at work in the community, at school and after school in these video clips.

Students in (9-12) shared their vision for the Kaleidoscope Center.

These AMAZING 6th graders created an abbreviated version of Macbeth. Their conversations and insights while they studied the play were truly stunning. We hope you enjoy their 17-minute version of one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces!

We believe that the education of the whole child is carried through to nutrition.  To that end, we empower our children with the understanding of how food fuels our bodies and teach them to make healthy choices for themselves.  We provide a hot, nutritious, varied and sugar-free meal every day.  We recognize the connections between plate, planet, people and culture and know that the love and thought put into the preparation of our food is experienced by students and staff.

TNSM 4th-6th graders performed a 45 minute version of Hamlet. This brief “movie trailer” explains the plot and tells what the play has meant to them. (April 2017)

New School Montessori 4th graders created new lyrics to an old song to express their appreciation for their friends and teachers. (Fall 2016)

Students created “Found Sound” as part of their music class assignment. (May 2016)

TNSM 4th-6th graders performed Julius Caesar. (May 2016)

Kindergartners wrote and choreographed their own play, welcoming us to Everything Island where animals and a super Ninja rebuild broken bridges after an earthquake. (April 2016)

1st-3rd graders welcome you to the jungle in several musical excerpts from the play. (April 2016)

TNSM alumni share about what TNSM has meant to them over the years. (March 2016)

4th graders are demonstrating Katherine Dunham dance techniques. (March 2016)

1st graders rehearse for our upcoming Montessori in Motion dance and music recital. (February 2016)

Preprimary students dress for the weather and absorb all there is to learn about water and puddles. (Feb 2016)

Students share why “This is the place” (October 2015)

Former NKU director of strings leads our elementary orchestra program. (December 2015)

As the snow in the parking lot melted, students make a river project through the elementary woods. (March 2015)