What does grit get you?

There is value and goodness in a TNSM education- one based on an appreciation and understanding for the individual and an emphasis on process learning over product learning.  Given such, I believe it’s important that we remind ourselves of our goal to not only support great academics but to also encourage appropriate emotional, physical and social development.  Collectively, these tenets of the TNSM program support and promote individual well-being and community.  Keeping ourselves abreast of new information and the discourse surrounding related topics is important to do also.

Take a look at this piece recently published in the “Wall Street Journal.”  Only recently sharing this information with you, I thought it was worth a re-run.  It provides us all with some “food for thought” and allows us to collectively support our children in their learning at The New School and in life.  The learning that is afforded all children here is different and unlike the learning that takes place elsewhere and in schools throughout America.

What does grit get you? 

posted by Eric Dustman

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