Where in the world are we?

New School Montessori 1st-3rd grade students are answering that age-old question of where they are in the world by using a material called My Cosmic Address. This lesson takes students on a guided mission that begins in the darkness of space, leads them to a spiral cluster of stars called the Milky Way Galaxy, points out a particular star called the sun, introduces them to the planets orbiting that sun, welcomes them to our good old Earth, shows them North American, our United States, our state of Ohio, the city of Cincinnati, Burton Woods Lane, our New School Montessori, our bodies inside the school building and finally to the atoms that make up our bodies.

Dr. Maria Montessori felt that children ages (6-9) are in a developmentally sensitive period where introducing cosmic education in a big way allows them to see their place in the world saying, “Let us give the children a vision of the universe.”



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