“Such experience is not just play…. It is work children must do in order to grow up.”  – Maria Montessori

Hands-on experiences are a big part of a New School Montessori education because they inspire learners to discover and explore their world.

Students are encouraged in and outside the classroom to apply knowledge and make real-world connects rather than simply accumulating facts.

Examples of on-campus discovery experiences 

  • Songwriting workshop led by popular children’s singer Justin Roberts
  • Bird blind in the preprimary woods for ongoing bird study
  • Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park theatrical performances
  • Beehive observation
  • Children’s authors share about the writing experience
  • Constella strings concert presentations
  • Visits from the Cincinnati Zoo
  • Visiting opera performances
  • Visits from School House Symphony

Examples of off-campus experiences 

  • Visits to Burnet Woods to observe habitats throughout the seasons
  • Fossil exploration at Caesar’s Creek
  • Findlay Market where children planned their menu, budgeted their funds, negotiated prices with vendors, and prepared a meal together.
  • Observed and reported on bonobo behavior at the Cincinnati Zoo
  • Annual elementary overnight to Camp Ernst
  • Cincinnati Observatory
  • Gorman Heritage Farm to learn about composting and other aspects of farm life
  • Cincinnati Ballet where kindergartners received a backstage tour and lesson
  • Cincinnati Shakespeare Company performances
  • Krohn Conservatory
  • Renaissance Festival
  • Underground Railroad bus tour.

Examples of real-world travel experiences

The children study and prepare before each trip—learning about the city’s monuments, history and attractions, and getting familiar with maps and public transportation.

  • Biennial visit to Columbus, OH – This overnight field trip for 4th and 5th grade students involves sightseeing and cultural experiences.
  • Biennial visit to Marengo Caves in Crawford County, IN – This overnight field trip for 4th and 5th grade students involves sightseeing and cultural experiences.
  • Annual Washington, D.C.Trip – All 6th graders fly together to the nation’s capitol for a 5-day trip. During the excursion, students assist in navigation and manage their individual meal budgets and tips.