Our Mission

The New School Montessori is an independent Montessori educational center. Our mission is to foster the development of the whole child by providing an intellectually rich and challenging curriculum in a safe, caring and joyous environment. All our activities are carried out in an atmosphere of respect for the child and respect for one another. We strive to promote academic excellence, individuality, interdependence, imagination, creativity, inner discipline and self-esteem. We welcome and honor cultural, ethnic, religious and economic diversity and we are committed to teaching peace, conflict resolution and global awareness. Parental involvement is important in all aspects of the school’s operations; thus, we work to cultivate a genuine sense of extended family and community.

Our Core Beliefs

Respect for the child
Respect for one another
Nurturing and caring
Individuality and interdependence
Imagination and creativity
Problem solving
Effective communication skills
Freedom within limits
Development of concentration
Inner discipline
Care of one’s self
Grace and courtesy
Love of work
Hands-on learning
Cooperative learning
Multi-age groups
Teachers as facilitators
Academic excellence
Peace education
Conflict resolution
Honoring cultural diversity
Global awareness
Cultivating long-term relationships
Parents as partners