Claudia Reilly, parent

The New School Montessori has been home to my family since 1993. I remember looking at more than 10 Preschools trying to decide where to send my kids. A wise friend said, “You will walk in a school and feel you are coming home.”  And this happened. I entered The New School, sat down with Barbara Gray to ask questions, and suddenly I was HOME.

Over the years, as I watched Ben (2002), Jeremy (2007), and Zach (2011) move from Preprimary to 6-9, 9-12, and then out into the wide world, one thing has stayed with me: This is a kind place. The teachers are kind, the staff is kind, and — best of all — the children absorb that kindness and treat each other with warmth. Children leave this school after 6th grade with a sense of fairness, compassion, and empathy. The New School Montessori is a place where a child never has to feel he or she is odd, friendless, alone. The New School Montessori is home.


Reva Henderson and Charles Young, parents

The New School Montessori was more than a great education for our daughter, it was a safe and peaceful place to grow and develop into a wonderful young lady.  The New School Montessori is a wonderful community.  We are members for life!


Casey Coston, Soapbox Media

“Not just a school, The New School provides an amazing community of parents, teachers, neighbors and friends, all within the heart of the neighborhood, providing a home-to-school-to-neighborhood bond that many students in this day and age are simply unable to have. ”

Caroline Hohl,  fall 2012 student teacher

“I have only been here four months and I know that community is what makes The New School a special place.  Here, children develop amongst people who value conscientiousness towards others, self-expression, the arts and intellectual ingenuity.”