Ximena Flores

Ximena Flores, Spanish Teacher and Ex-Day Teacher

Ximena Flores, Spanish Teacher

Ximena Flores, Spanish

Ximena Flores joined The New School Montessori’s teaching staff in 2013. She was born in Ecuador and enjoys sharing her native language and culture with her students. Ximena has a permanent Ohio teaching certificate and holds a masters in Fine Arts, Ceramic Sculpture and Photography from the University of Cincinnati. Ximena also has an advanced degree in Graphic Design.

Ximena has been a Spanish teacher and tutor since 2001 and a Montessori Spanish teacher since 2005. Ximena uses Total Physical Response as part of her methodology. She associates new vocabulary with many ASL signs, and uses physical movement, singing and playing games as tools for aiding memory retention. Ximena also works in TNSM’s Extended-Day Program, leading (6-9) level students.

Click here, or select play below to see Ximena’s class of 2nd and 3rd graders learning the days of the week.