Sleepy Bee Opening Monday December 16!

New School Montessori parents John Hutton and Sandy Gross have announced the opening of their latest venture, The Sleepy Bee Cafe, in Oakley. Breakfast begins on Monday at 7 AM. Children-and parents-on field trips to Brazee Street Studios (also owned by John and Sandy) have witnessed their commitment to the environment, nature and sustainability. The Sleepy Bee not only pays homage to their love of bees, but also to their love of wholesome, natural food in a beautiful art-filled space. Their menu is based on locally sourced ingredients that are prepared into creative, thoughtful and healthy meals. We believe The …

Third Level Students Study Acids and Bases

Sam, Alex, David and Sophie are the third graders pictured here measuring pH levels. They used red cabbage juice, and it looks like OJ in the orange sample Sophie is working on. [fbphotos id=542977139121495]