A new year is upon us.

Hello Friends,
A new year is upon us.  I have always loved the school year cycle.  There seems to be something intrinsically human about it.  The rhythm of it..  Maybe it’s the midwesterner in me, but I love the way a school year follows the seasons.  The frenzy at the end of summer, the welcomed return of routine that comes with fall, winter’s rituals and important reminders around temporality and renewal, and spring’s confident bloom – no matter what.  You can never hold back spring.
We look forward to seeing all of you as we begin a new journey into the 21-22 school year!  Please be patient and walk and drive carefully through the parking lot.  Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the moment of a new beginning.
I will be out front, eyes smiling, welcoming back old and new friends!  See you soon.

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