Auction’s Raise the Paddle Project: The Kitchen

Next Saturday, on March 16th, TNSM will be hosting its auction at the Sleepy Bee and Aster downtown.  The most important thing for you to know about this event is that you don’t want to miss it!  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS.

When you have great people, amazing food, a fantastic venue,  an L.A. DJ, while supporting a school that LOVES your children, you have a recipe for a joyous occasion!

Speaking of recipe’s, you might remember that in my last email I mentioned we had some great news to share regarding our Raise the Paddle Project: The Kitchen.  The New School Montessori has been committed to nourishing our students in a healthy and delicious way for over 30 years.  We offer a lunch program unmatched in Cincinnati by serving homemade meals every day.   However, in the true TNSM spirit, we want to keep raising the bar. 

What if our kitchen was more energy efficient through equipment updates? 
What if we offered a “hands-on” Montessori experience for students that deepened their understanding of nutrition, sustainability, and the connection between the earth, food, and themselves?  What if we could source more locally for our produce and meats?  What if our community came together to make “what if’s” a reality?!

What if I told you that if our community reaches out their hand to grab this dream, the dream is reaching back?!  I know, exciting and mysterious, right?  More to come.

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