We created an environment that allowed joy to blossom.

Hello TNSM friends,

A new year approaches. We know that time is constant and new beginnings are always available to us each moment, however, a new year always seems an invitation to pause, take stock, and ask ourselves big questions. Where are we headed? What did we learn? Who are we grateful for and who will we miss?

Amidst a year of great turbulence, grief and soul searching, TNSM was a safe space for our children, families and staff. Not only did we do everything possible to keep our community safe from COVID, but we also created an environment that allowed joy to blossom, discoveries to be made, and friendships to form. We leaned on each other. We found courage from each other’s example. And yes, we laughed and cried together.

I will never forget the feeling I had this fall, when I saw students on campus tossing ball, playing tag, climbing trees, or quietly reading on the mansion front porch after months of being shut down. It felt…normal. Yes, we were in masks and split up into different cohorts, but we were who we had always been. We were playful, curious, and happy to be around each other. The core felt normal. As the year progressed and I observed the different classroom environments with students exploring the Montessori materials, performing science experiments, and sitting in on lessons, I felt it again. Some of our procedures had changed, but our culture remained un-compromised. Students were choosing work, eating lunch virtually with their online friends, attending our arts programs. Normal never felt so good. Days stretched into weeks and weeks into months and now here we are at the end of the calendar year…still open. Still learning. Still helping. Still healthy. Still loving your children.

With vaccines being administered nationally and locally there is a lot to be hopeful about. That being said, when we return from winter break, our country will still be experiencing a surging pandemic. We must remain vigilant if we want to stay healthy and have the last five months of school to run as smoothly as the first four.

Please help us keep our community safe by:

  • Taking your child’s temp before coming to school.
  • Staying home if anyone in the household is showing symptoms until you receive a doctor’s clearance to return or a negative COVID test.
  • Avoiding public gatherings.
  • Making wise choices around gathering with loved ones (masks, socially distancing, be outdoors if possible, etc).
  • Staying put over the holidays but if you are traveling, please drive. Check the Ohio Travel Advisory for updates.
  • Reporting any household positive cases OR child exposure to positive cases to the school.

The end of the pandemic is getting closer. Let’s keep up the great work. We could not have made it this far into the academic year without your caution and wisdom. Thank you.

Test and Protect at TNSM

TNSM will offer another on-campus testing day this Sunday (Dec. 20) from 10:00 – 2:00 for our community only (friends and family included). I know Test and Protect ran into issues the last time we offered this, but they have assured me that it will not happen again and they will be here and ready to help.

We are hoping to partner with Test and Protect again on Jan. 2nd for our families to test before returning to campus. They will be in touch with us soon to let us know if that date is available. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Teacher Holiday Fund and Videos for our Tribute to Teachers

Thank you SO much for your generosity. Our Teacher Holiday Fund allowed us to provide a helpful “thank you” for our staff as they leave for a well deserved two week break. We were so touched by the level of parent support this season.

I also want to thank you for the Tribute videos you sent in. I look forward to sharing it with our staff during our PD meeting tomorrow. It is such a great example of what makes our community AMAZING.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


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