Melissa Robinson led strings presentation with 24 students on bass, cello, violas and violins

Melissa Robinson, former NKU director of strings and TNSM parent, leads our elementary beginning strings and orchestra program with great skill, creativity and love of fun.

Nearly 40% of elementary students in 2nd-6th grade choose to be part of the after-school strings program. Melissa challenges and engages the children at all levels and selects music that interests them.

  • The beginning strings students performed a number of songs that showed their remarkable progress.
  • The advanced students played several seasonal songs with spooky Halloween themes and were joined by preprimary teacher and local band member, Brendan Blumer, on drums and other percussion instruments. Director Jeff Groh had a cameo role manning the vacuum cleaner in “Revenge of the Dust Bunnies.” The final number ended the concert in a climax with the “Ghost Busters” theme song closing out the evening’s festivities.

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