A day on the Merrill Fuller farm

New School Montessori 4th and 5th grade students had a wonderful day of exploring Merrill Fuller’s farm in Liberty Township. (Merrill is the grandfather of one of our students.) The adventure began with a tractor ride around the 5-acre farm where Merrill pointed out various fields, vegetable gardens and showed students where various types of corn are being experimentally cross pollinated. Students harvested some corn to take home and quickly learned the difference between sweet corn, popcorn and field corn as the dried kernels were way too tough to eat.
Fresh corn was popped and devoured by the students with enthusiasm. They also enjoyed tomato picking, knowing that they could bring back lots of tomatoes for Chef Audrey to include in the delicious food she prepares for us each day. Beth Canarie, our Food and Sustainability teacher, and the (9-12) staff used this field trip as another way for students to more fully understand what it takes to get food from the ground onto the table.

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