Elementary art teacher, Robin Hartmann, appeared in an international fiber arts magazine

New School Montessori elementary art teacher, Robin Hartmann, shared her experience of using art to heal with the editors of the fiber arts magazine Hand/Eye. The article was called, “Instrumental Healing: Surviving Cancer Through Art.”

The article begins with Robin telling about her love of art at an early age and having the support of her family to follow her dreams. Robin completed her art training at Pratt Institute and began creating costumes for Broadway shows and Saturday Night Live. From there, Robin created Muppets for the TV show and movies, and she eventually moved to Cincinnati to work on developing toys.

As a breast cancer survivor, Robin says, “…my art has been instrumental in my healing. My love for bright colors, crazy and intricate patterns, and anything shiny and sparkly pushed me to create. My work speaks for itself through symbolism. In DOD (Day of Diagnosis), the phone symbolizes the wait. It’s day that anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer always remembers…”

Robin belongs to TAFA (Textile and Fiber Art List) and an art collective in Cincinnati and shows her work a few times a year.

Click to see the article and to look at Robin’s additional works displayed on their website.


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