A New Journey

Hello Friends,

SO many good things have happened over the past few days, it’s hard to know where to start!
Let’s begin with the kitchen!  We are approved and up and running!  

IMG_3384 (1).jpg
We have a new convection oven, hood, stove, stainless steel countertops, shelves, flooring, lighting, prep-sink, hand-washing sink,  prep-table for students, observation window, dishwasher, wiring, plumbing, ventilation system, and plates.  We have a new coat of paint on the walls, ac unit, and a Food and Sustainability teacher.  Also, the icing on the cake is that Robby, (3-6) teacher, rebuilt and refinished Audrey’s prep-table that has been at the service of children( two lunches a day) for over thirty years.  That’s at least 11,000 loving meals prepared on that table.
This could not have happened without the passion and generosity of the Gross-Hutton family (alumni) and the tremendous support we received from alumni, current parents and staff.  Thank you.  Today marks the first “hot meal” cooked for the next 30 years!
In addition to this amazing news, our classrooms look beautiful and are humming with excitement, energy, and discovery.  Children in the (3-6) are pulling materials off the shelves and beginning a new journey into what Maria Montessori called, the conscious learner.
The (6-9) students have named hamsters, learned new procedures, participated in the First Great Lesson: The Coming of the Universe, and are discovering the joys of self-directed learning.
The 6th graders, having heard The Coming of the Universe Story for years, presented it to our 4th and 5th graders.  This is one of the great benefits of our multi-aged classrooms.
We are so excited to be back.  As a final reminder, (3-6) and (9-12) Orientation Nights will be next week (Tuesday, Aug. 27) from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.  Childcare will be provided in our ex-day programs.  (6-9) Orientation will be on Thursday, Aug. 29 at 6:00 pm.

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